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June 18, 2013

County Employees

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It has come to my attention that several of our county employees live outside the county like in Grady county.And some how the county warrants letting them drive county vehicles home at the tax payers costs.Last week I read where they are going to raise the property tax by 1.5 mill. This is BULL!!

Why is it every time the county needs money they raise property tax? Why does the people in the county that work and try to have something always have to foot the bill? Why not raise sales tax so everybody that spends a dollar gets to pay a share of the tax? Not just the people that owns property.And far as the county employees that drives county cars home that lives in another county…Don’t anybody pay my way back and forth to work so why should the county.

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  1. Leonard, I agree with you, none of our city or county empolyees and this should include city and county commissioners need to be driving offical vehicles home when every time you turn around there’s some type of budget cuts in services. We as taxpayers pay these people to serve us as citizens. This is suppose to be a job of service not convenience.
    With the price of gas and vehicle maintenice at taxpayers expense no one should be driving a vehicle home but there own and this also should include police,deputies. City officals of Bainbridge stop misusing our tax money . If this was me you would have and investigation as to why I needed a vehicle anyway and come up with some lame excuse and take it from me.Like, Mr. or Mrs. so and so saw me driving after hours and complained that they saw this black man in there neighborhood in a city vehicle but maybe just maybe I was doing my job (something that’s really needed nowadays). And please don’t give me this lame excuse that they need to drive these vehicles home for emergencies when it’s just sitting there day after day and night after night. We taxpayers are tired of paying for services we don’t get anyway and we will take it out on people at the ballot box from now own. The days of getting elected just because you teach sunday school or your my neighbor or everybody says your a good-ole boy are Over.

    Comment by clifford gordon — June 19, 2013 @ 9:17 am
  2. Since today is a good day to question city services and the responsibilities of city government. I have a question for my city councilman, “Why are there no recreation areas on the northeast side of town for residents and there children? Why is all the activity on one side of town? Don’t we as taxpayers deserve the same consideration as the south and west sides? Now, let me get ready for all the excuses why there’s not recreation on my side of town. One, we don’t pay enough taxes or we don’t have enough home owners or this is the classic, why don’t you just drive to the other parks in town. As a taxpayer and I pay my fair share and somebody elses of taxes and I think we deserve a councilman that works for our area of town and will help provide services for us. You can’t tell me that all these years my councilman for my area of town has worked in my or the communitys best interest. We have areas of our neighborhood where the roads need repair, there are rundown and abandon houses that need to be torn down. There is sometime garbage side the road for weeks and there are “Roads” that need repair again!
    All of this means nothing to the person that’s suppose to represent us on the city council because he doesn’t live in our neighborhood and even if he does he doesn’t care because the funds designated for our community always goes to other councilmans districts.I’m not going to sugar-coat this problem and I’m not going to let anyone else sugar-coat the problem by saying Oh, he’s just a complainer because if there was a problem somebody would have told me or nobody else is complaining why should you. Well, let me enlighten everybody. We should all be ashamed for letting these people sit on the city council and not do there job for us the people that elected them.It’s time we stop taking things for granted that this or that person cares for us as a community. We have got to wake up and say enough is enough and if you can’t make my neighborhood a better place than we don’t need you. And people don’t forget, Your’e paying taxes for these services that others benefit from. The city is not giving you anything you haven’t payed for so way continue to settle for the least. That’s why it’s unsettling to me that there’s no recreation aras on the northeast side of town. Why sould the population on the northeast side of town have to travel just to play softball with our neighbors this is ridiculious.Also it’s time we bring Bainbridge into the 21st century with the rest of the world and stop letting 1 percent control everything that happens in bainbridge because they have this business or that. Oh, I bet you are surprised to hear that or did you know it and just didn’t care because that’s the way it’s been for so long. So be warned you do nothing councilmen your days of not represent the real people that elected you are numbered come election day. We are watching and you will be voted out of office and don’t think we just need you. We taxpayers are tired of the same ole same ole day in and day out. Wake Up Bainbridge!!!

    Comment by clifford gordon — June 19, 2013 @ 10:57 am
  3. Now, Clifford, who you think you gonna replace ’em with? An honest and trueblue politician wanna be? The system is corrupt, and corrupts most of its participants, who end up going along to get along, or just to ‘get’. Ever had to cut back? Government don’t know how to cut back, they just know how to take more of yours and mine to keep on keeping what perks they got, like that driving a taxpayer-paid vehicle to the house and all.

    They need to cut back, and cut out all them perks, all them perks, all of them. No perks, politicians and government workers. No more perks for any of you. Get a real job, you whatfers. Sell some of them vehicles you been driving for free and build a park northeast, and quit raising property taxes and go to a fair tax. How ’bout charging proper property tax for those large landowners, like you charge for small landowners? Oh, wait, that’d make too much sense, wouldn’t it? Clifford, you just keep hoping and praying, hear. Something just might shake ’em. Them politicians and government workers think they entitled. They need to get a real job. Maybe they are a few decent ones, who knows?

    Comment by Tadpole — July 3, 2013 @ 12:16 pm
  4. Since it seems like all the comments I post don’t seem to get acknowledged. I thought I would try again. I have a question that’s probably easy to answer but I’ll try anyway. Are all the people that submit articles to the Miller County Liberal Morons or just Stupid? Now, I understand why you people are angry about this new insurance plan.

    Comment by cgordon — October 16, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

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