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April 20, 2012

Father Arrested in Infants Death

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Every time a see a headline or an article about child abuse it makes me physically sick. What adult finds pleasure in hurting an innocent, helpless child? When are we going to punish these inhumane monsters like they should be punished? Don’t give him/her a headline. The crime will never stop until the punishment is severe enough to deter the criminals. And “no” it will never “end”, but you could make one huge dent in it if all the “followers” and “copy cats” KNEW what price they would pay. I am so glad for this child that the pain is over, the tears have been wiped away…but a life was lost too soon…this child could have made a difference in the world. THIS CHILD DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Now it’s just a name, a headline, a story to one day be forgotten…while the scum that snuffed out this innocent life waits to see if we will feed him three hot meals a day, let him lift some weights, play some b-ball, watch some TV. No justice for the victim! When is enough, enough? I pray that all those involved in the prosecution of this monster will look at him like it was their child he murdered!

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