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2 Arrested in Drug Bust
Dec 27, 2007, 01:00

Last Thursday, Sheriff's Investigator Pat Trolinger arrested Tony Morris and Sarah Freeman on a number of drug charges including manufacturing methamphetamine.

Investigator Trolinger stated they received information regarding the meth lab and drug use at the home.  He and Sheriff's Deputies executed the search warrant at 645 Old Eldorendo Road. 

In the shed behind the home, they discovered a number of items used in the manufacture of meth including liquid fire, lithium batteries, plastic tubing, plastic containers, shop towels, metal fittings, and several packs of cold pack.  They also found a quantity of marijuana, methamphetamine, drug related items used to smoke marijuana and a snorting utensil for methamphetamine.

Tony Morris and Sarah Freeman arrived at the residence shortly after the search was accomplished and both were taken into custody.  Deputies then searched their vehicle and found more material used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine including pseudoephedrine.  A small bag of methamphetamine was found in Sarah Freeman's purse.

33 year old Tony Ray Morris and 35 year old Sarah Elizabeth Newberry were charged with a variety of drug charges.

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