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Epic 5K Challenge, Saturday
By by Jennifer Lynne
Oct 17, 2011, 01:00

The Epic 5K Challenge is set for Saturday, October 22 at 8am.  The entry fee is $100 per team and the proceeds will go to benefit the Dylan Reid Faircloth Tha 1st Memorial Cross Country Scholarship Fund and the cross country team. Dylan, who was killed in a car crash last year was a member of the cross country team.

Dylan Reid Faircloth was an organ donor and, according to June Faircloth, this "was DylanĎs final Christian act."  Ironically, Dylan had written a song entitled "Make Me a Living Sacrifice".

Stan Gann (at left, extends a personal invitation) was the recipient of Dylanís heart.  Gann is a former Georgia Tech quarterback and Warner Robins High School Coach.  He and his wife Sissi will be at the Epic 5K to show their support. The Ganns have been married for 45 years and Dylanís gift has given Stan a new lease on life.

Gann has suffered numerous heart attacks in the past and an endured open heart surgery in 1991. At the time when he received Dylanís heart he could barely do any activities.  More than a year later he is beginning to feel like he did at age 50 and he is now 72. He is walking and doing mild jogging and even playing golf (although not very well, he claims). 

Gann did a year of physical and mental tests to see if he would qualify to be an organ recipient, but never really thought it would happen. "When the realization hits you itís hard to handle. Dylan gave the ultimate gift so somebody else could have the ultimate gift of hope.  ItĎs something to think about. I think about Dylan. ItĎs something that prays on your mind and I pray for his family."

Kelly Lowe of LifeLink will have a booth set up at the Epic 5K to answer peopleís questions about organ donation.

Normally it is an unusual thing for an organ recipient and a donorís family to meet. In this strange case, a mutual acquaintance who knows both parties put it all together. Stan Gann didnít know how to feel or how Dylanís mother June would feel, but when she called she made him feel at ease.  For June,  it is a great comfort to know that a part of Dylan lives on.  One day June hopes to start an advocacy group to help donors and recipients meet as part of the healing process and to make sure both parties get the counseling they need.

Dylanís lung, kidneys, liver and cornea have helped others live a longer, better life. June Faircloth knows his memory is alive in these individuals and in the memorial scholarships dedicated in his honor. Also in honor of Dylanís memory Stanís cousin Ronald Gann donated $10,000 to the Georgia Transplant Foundation.

Glavine Autographed Baseball
Two great prizes will also be raffled off to raise money for the scholarship and the cross country team. 

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine has donated an autographed baseball. Glavine has partnered for years with the Georgia Transplant Foundation to help families impacted by organ donation. A close family friend has donated a crocheted throw in the Bearcat colors of purple and gold.  Race applications and directions are available here. To become a volunteer please give June Faircloth a call at 229-416-6134. 

Pastor Steve Brooks who was Dylanís youth pastor will begin the Epic 5K event by leading a prayer. The bagpipes will be played by Tom Brown who is donating his services in memory of Dylanís love for his Irish heritage. A friend of Dylanís, DJ Emily New will be donating her services in honor of his memory.

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