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School Safety Stressed
Sep 28, 2007, 01:02

Last week, Superintendent Ralph Jones reiterated the concern for safety in Decatur County schools.

He related to the BOE his recent meeting with area school officials where school safety was addressed. 
Speakers from schools such as Enterprise Alabama described some of the difficulties experienced in disasters and crisis.

2 1/2 minute video of Ralph Jones

Superintendent Jones stated that even with a disaster safety plan, with all the cell phones, it takes seconds for all the parents to start showing up in droves to get their kids.  He said you try to get the buses back in a hurry and the buses can not even get into the school because of the traffic jam.

Another major challenge these schools faced is keeping kids from running off campus and the school being accountable for their whereabouts to their parents.

Superintendent Jones said these are some of the issues that will be discussed with principals.

In conjunction with the Georgia School Bus Safety Week, a Safety School Bus Poster Contest was held.  Decatur County Schools Transportation Director Ferrell Lawrence presented the local winners. 

Their posters will be entered in the State contest for each division.

From left to right
Sage Paris, 14 years old, 8th grader West Bainbridge Middle
Rodrigo Sanchez, 8 years old. 2nd grader at John Johnson
Craig Cooper, 12 years old, 5th grader at Potter Street
Mateo Valquez, 11 years old, 5th grader at John Johnson

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