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Teamwork Nabs Habitual Violator
Mar 29, 2010, 03:00

A chase ensued south on Highway 27 after a vehicle driven by a habitual violator, Melvis Lamount Oden, failed to stop at about 1:30 am Sunday night.

    Video of the arrest

BPS Cpl Aaron Brown was on West street when a car failed to dim its lights.  He turned around on it as is turned onto Columbia Street.  He caught up with it and turned on his blue lights but the car continued.  The vehicle turned into the back of Walmart and continued around and through the parking lot and headed south on Highway 27.

As Cpl Brown followed him south, Sheriff's Deputies began responding.  We assume Melvis thought Public Safety would not follow him into the county, so he kept going.  After checking with his Captain, Cpl Brown continued to follow him on Highway 27 south into the county.  Cpl Brown continued keeping 911 operators and the coming deputies alerted to the car's location.

A few minutes later, Deputy Vince Edmond caught up with the fleeing car and spotted it turn west on Wautauga Road.  The vehicle sped up, sliding around the curves and Deputy Edmond lost sight of him.  Deputy Humberto Dean, arriving in the area, turned onto North Griffin Avenue and seconds later, the vehicle passed him.  He turned around on him as the car headed north and then turned east onto Attapulgus Climax Road.

106 Attapulgus Climax Road
Deputy Dean turned behind him just as Sheriff's Captain Brad Lambert and Sgt Steve Singleton arrived and turned in behind them on Attapulgus Climax Road.  They arrived at 106 Attapulgus Climax Road, the home of Melvis Oden, in time to see him flee into the house.  Moments later, Melvis came back outside and was placed under arrest.

BPS Cpl Brown then returned to Attapulgus Climax Road and took custody of 44 year old Melvis Lamount Oden and transported him to County Jail for a variety of charges.

In April of 2009 Melvis was charged with driving while license suspended-3rd offense, obstruction of an officer and DUI-3rd offense.

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