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Hello Crime, We'll Be Watching
Mar 2, 2011, 01:00

The response of concerned citizens, wanting to do something about our crime, over filled the secondary courtroom on Tuesday night with 12-15 attendees never finding a seat.  In attendance was District Attorney Joe Mulholland, Bainbridge Public Safety Captain Ryan Wimberley and the BPS Viper team, Decatur County Sheriff Wiley Griffin along with about 10 deputies, County Commissioner Russell Smith, County Administrator Tom Patton and 911 Director Tonya Griffin - and a whole bunch of citizens.

Captain Wimberly talks about Neighborhood Watch

BPS Captain Ryan Wimberly told the crowd the biggest problem is we don't even know who our neighbors are anymore.  He sated that one problem to overcome is that people are so busy today.

Questions were answered including an issue of unkept and rundown properties that they would like to have addressed.  Captain Ryan stated these are issues that could be addressed by the watch groups.

Calls Placed to 911 addressed

Captain Wimberly stressed that if a person needs law enforcement to respond, they should call 911, not Public Safety.  911 is not only for emergency situations.

Tonya Griffin, 911 Director, also addressed citizens concerns no response after a call being placed to 911.  She stated that she can research the tapes on any situation and urges citizen to contact her if they have a problem.

The primary reason was to begin a Neighborhood Watch program for the west end of Broughton Street.  Michele Miller and Ryan Cleveland are organizing the effort and stated they will help with other areas in the county as well.  Ms Miller has committed to meeting with citizens from the Flint River Heights area and Potter/Evans Street area at this time(dates to be announced).  More at Decatur County Neighborhoods Against Crime

The ninety minute meeting covered a number of topics and more will be presented here in the coming days.

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