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My EBT Card is Stolen
Mar 13, 2011, 03:39

Isn't it appalling that someone would get and use up all the money on a person's EBT card?

It appears that 25 year old Brandie Williams of Donalsonville is upset that someone used up all her money on her EBT card - while she was in Seminole County jail for about the last 2 months.

Brandie reported to Bainbridge Public Safety that she suspects her mother of leaving only 23 cents on her card.

  • Forget that Brandie has 4 kids.
  • Forget that she was arrested for 2 counts of Cruelty To Children.
  • Forget that 2 of her children have been placed in the temporary custody of her mother.
  • Forget that her mother has been given custody of her 2 other children.
  • Forget that there is a court order keeping Brandie Williams from contacting her mother.

And Really.
How dare her mother use her EBT card to help care and feed her 4 kids.  I mean really, it's Brandie card and doesn't she need that money for something for herself?  What can she do with 23 cents?

Give me a break.

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