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Armed Robbers Arrested
Jan 14, 2010, 02:00

Three Thomasville males, two 20 year olds and a 16 year old who robbed the Kangaroo, wrecked their truck, and lost their bag of money when it flew into a tree, have been charged with armed robbery.

At left, Officer Kenneth Ellison takes Marty Barber into ER to have his injuries checked

Bainbridge Public Safety Investigators Frank Green and Anthony Stubbs and GBI Special Agent Mike Walsingham made the arrests early Tuesday evening after working in Thomasville most of day putting all the pieces together.

The story told to investigators
Marty Barber, Joseph Rogers, and the juvenile were hanging out talking one day and they decided to rob a store. They drove to Tallahassee for the robbery, but Joseph Rogers got scared.

They drove on to Bainbridge on their way home in Thomasville.  They spotted the Kangaroo at Thomasville Highway and Whigham Dairy at about 1:45 am, and quickly decided that was the store to rob.

They pulled into Florence Drive, a block past the store, and Joseph Rogers took a sawed off shotgun and headed for the store.  He ran back minutes later and jumped in saying "Drive, I robbed the store".  The 16 year old was driving and they took off north, turning onto Old Whigham Road.  They then crashed attempting to turn onto Black Jack Road.  Robbery and Crash Article

They jumped out of the truck and ran down Black Jack Road.  About 75-100 yards later they left the road heading into a wooded area where they discarded their shotgun and a jacket.  The robbers crossed over Highway 84 and hid in the woods where a friend came and picked them up.

The discarded jacket was discovered by the tracking dogs on Monday night.  On Tuesday afternoon, Investigator James Dollar and Captain Ryan Wimberly searched the area along Black Jack Road and discovered the sawed-off shotgun.

In the crash, Marty Barber lost several teeth and suffered significant facial injuries.

Marty Winston Barber, 20
400 Big Pland Lane  
Thomasville, Ga

Joshua Carl Rogers, 20
5521 Bullock Street  
Meigs, Ga

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