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Kids EXCEL Summer Program
    May 25, 2008

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The program at the Bainbridge Kiwanis Club featured the Summer EXCEL Program at Bainbridge College. Greg McDonald, Bainbridge College's Director of Continuing Education, stated the program began approximately ten years ago. The Summer EXCEL program is for children in grades kindergarten through sixth.

Karlee Guest, Greg McDonald and Clint Edmunds

McDonald described the program as being "more structured than day care and way more fun then school. It's a good, safe program for kids." he said. The program is headed by Marva Hay.

McDonald was accompanied by two of the EXCEL program's participants, Clint Edmunds and Karlee Guest. These two 8th graders have spent many years enjoying the summer program and shared their experiences with the club.

The program features 10 weeks of individual classes. Enrollment is by the week so children and parents can choose classes. Activities include arts and crafts and swimming. The program is from 9 am until 3 pm but arrangements can be made for early drop off and later pick-up.

May 26-30
Artist Within - Explore your inner artist as you experience art the fun and messy way. End the week by participating in a group masterpiece that will be donated to the Decatur County Arts Council. We will also have our traditional an art show.
June 2-6
Here Kitty, Kitty! Discover Big Cats of the World - Lions, Tigers, Tigons, and Ligers. Which is the fastest cat, and who has spots, and who not? Explore what makes these big kitties purr as you learn about big cats of the world. This is a pumr-fect week to have a feline adventure.
June 9-13
Going Supersonic with, Things That Fly - Discover the science and history behind all things that fly. From a Chicken Hawk to Kitty Hawk, you're sure to learn a lot about the wild blue yonder and how things that shouldn't fly can.
June 16-20
Around the World in 5 Days - A journey begins with a single step. Step into a fabulous time as you explore exotic new countries, what the people eat, their customs, and their cultures. This year's countries are Germany, Ecuador, Sweden, Mali & Hungary.
June 23-27
Welcome to the Jungle - Calling all jungle-lovers. Don't miss this exciting adventure into the "Tales of the Jungle", where we will explore the jungle through adventure literature and real life, local explorers. You will hang on the edge of your seat as you hear the retelling of legends and lore.
June 30-July 3
Dinosaurs (4 day) - Dinosaurs are never out of style. Learn about familiar dinos and about some of the more obscure, mysterious lizards of times past. We'll even explore some modern-day dinosaurs.
July 7-11
Time Travel - We're going back in time to explore some of the most amazing natural disasters in recorded history. Learn about Pompeii, and more. Knights will fight on Friday.
July 14-18
Olympics: Ancient Greece to Modern day China - The 2008 Olympics will begin in China in just a few short weeks. Learn the history of the Olympics, what events were held, how people train, and who's who among American Olympians. On Friday, we will do our very own Olympics.
July 21-25
Stinky, Loud Science - Make a stink bomb, learn the chemicals behind certain smells, and learn why lightning and thunder always go together as you experience this yucky, stinky, loud week of EXCEL.
July 28-31
Inventors and Their Inventions (4 day) - "Mr. Watson - come here - I want to see you," were the first words spoken through a telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. Did you know that Tom Edison invented the first record player, but it was actually a telephone answering machine? Learn interesting facts about great inventions and inventors of the world. You might even invent something of your own while you are here.

For more information on registration and fees, contact them at 229-248-2516.

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