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Deputies Bust Meth Lab, Again
    Nov 13, 2011

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Decatur County Sheriff's Deputies busted a meth lab on Saturday evening arresting one suspect they busted 2 years ago, and a second suspect still under investigation.

Video of Cloud being transported by Deputy Daryl Long, Sgt Jason Williams and Deputy Charlie Emanuel dusting for fingerprints, and Captain Nix and Investigator Donalson suited with the active meth cook.

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Sheriff's Chief Investigator Captain Chip Nix stated he had received information that Melvin Keith Cloud of 138 Deer Trail Road was cooking meth in his back yard.  Then on Saturday afternoon, Captain Nix was alerted to the fact that Cloud had purchased cold tablets containing pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient for methamphetamine.  He was alerted by "Meth Watch" a monitoring service that alerts law enforcement when pseudoephedrine is purchased.

Captain Nix and Investigator Brian Donalson set up surveillance on the residence at 138 Deer Trail Road.  After a couple of hours, they spotted Melvin Keith Cloud tending to his meth cook in the back yard of the residence.

The meth was in a plastic jug, which was placed in a white bucket, and was actively cooking when found.  Captain Nix estimated the yield would be about 6-8 grams, worth $600-$800. 

Hazmat Team Commander Doyle Welch was contacted and Hazmat responded to the scene.  Captain Nix and Investigator Donalson donned hazmat suits to gather samples, dust for fingerprints(seen in the shadows in video) and secure the lab for cleanup.  A contracted cleanup and environmental disposal company arrived on scene at about 2 am and cleared the dangerous materials.

Melvin Keith Cloud, 43, was charge with possession of methamphetamine and manufacturing methamphetamine.

July of 2009 in Deputies Bust Meth Lab, Cloud  was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and a parole violation on a possession of methamphetamine.

In May of 2006, Cloud was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana.

Also in the residence, but not charged, was 26 year old Joshua Buckhaulter, also known to the investigators.
In November of 2008, Josh Buckhalter was busted, 2nd Meth Lab Arrest Made, for meth after a meth lab exploded which severely injured Jeffery Parker.  He was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, 2 counts of manf meth in presence of child-cruelty to a children and possession of ephedrine

In April, 2008, Buckhalter was busted for a rolling meth lab on Calhoun Street in Another Meth Lab Bust.

And, if you doubted that Josh Buckhaulter is a big fan of Captain Chip Nix, a screen capture of his facebook page tells it all.

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