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BSC Students Warned of Alcohol Dangers
    Oct 17, 2013

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With a simulator used to demonstrate how alcohol can impair a person's judgment and a mangled truck on display to drive the point home, Bainbridge State College students learned some lessons on how unsafe drinking and driving are.

Above, Talking about how drinking alcohol can take a toll on college students and campuses, Bainbridge State College Officer Charles Emanuel and Decatur County Sheriff's Deputy Ken Davidson drive the point home Monday. Parked near the Student Wellness Center was a mangled truck from an accident.

After running into the back of a car on a simulator, Tanisha Warren of Bainbridge said it was scary to see how difficult it became trying to maneuver the car while apparently intoxicated.

At left, BSC student Tanisha Warren of Bainbridge reacts to running off the road in a simulator that demonstrates the difficulty in driving after drinking alcohol.

"As they increased the alcohol level, it got really hard to turn," the 21-year-old student said. "I don't drink, and if I did, I won’t drive drunk."

Troy Pearson, 18, of Camilla operated the simulator for some time before the increased levels of alcohol started to take effect. For example, he swerved off the road, he drove slowly behind a law enforcement officer's car and then finally he turned the wrong way onto a one-way street.

"It's stupid to drink and drive," Pearson said.

At left, BSC student Troy Pearson of Camilla stops at the stop sign before turning right on the one-way street.

The College is hosting National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week from Oct. 14-18. During the kick-off ceremony on Monday, Oct. 14, Decatur County Sheriff’s Deputy Ken Davidson told several students gathered about a young woman who became a binge drinker, having ended up in the emergency room with dangerous alcohol levels.

"The young lady started drinking in college. As a social thing, but before long instead of her having a grip on a drink, it had a grip on her," Deputy Davidson said. "It is difficult for a binge drinker to recognize that they have a drinking problem because they will go for extended periods without drinking. A lot of college students fall in the category of binge drinkers."

Davidson cited a Harvard School of Public Health study that among college women who drink alcohol, unplanned sex and sexual assault increased by 50 percent. Furthermore, the American Automobile Association (AAA) said teens who have four to six drinks are 90 times more likely to die in a crash than a sober driver is.

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, Bainbridge State students can take the "drunken obstacle course" from 9 am to 3 pm at parking lot 6 in front of the Student Wellness Center.

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