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Women Beaten, Choked, Hospitalized in Domestic
    Oct 12, 2010

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Jarretta was beaten and choked and repeatedly asked if she wanted to die by her boyfriend in July.

She was then thrown against a door in her apartment from where she crawled into bed, unable to get out of bed for the next 2 days.  A relative checked on her and helped Jarretta get to the hospital.

Jarretta, 47, tells her story here on September 7, about 6 weeks after the assault.

She told us that as she was being choked during the assault, he repeatedly asked her "Are you ready to die?"

In our interview, she told us that she is truly afraid for her life, that she has nightmares, scared to death of her attacker who lives only a block away.  "I need help." she told us.

When Jarretta arrived at the emergency room in July, Public Safety was called because of the domestic assault.  She would not tell the officer anything about how she was so severely injured, protecting her "boyfriend".

Our understanding is that she was treated for a broken nose and back pain and after several days was released from the hospital.  She told us that 3 weeks later the pain became unbearable and doctors sent her to Thomasville for further examination. 

She stated that she had internal bleeding and after a couple of MRI's, discovered her back was broken.  An operation placed several rods in her back.  We understand the doctors have told her that the possibility of paralysis is real and will continue to be a threat to her - even a quirk misstep could paralyze her.

On August 31, Jarretta went into Public Safety and filed a report of the incident.  BPS Investigator Mark Esquivel began an investigation.  A week later, the interview above was recorded.

Now, after another 5 weeks have passed, Jarretta has again changed her willingness to cooperate and assist in bringing the case forward.

Other than society bearing the cost of all her medical care and back surgery, her future of physical pain, the mental anguish of fear that this will happen again, things are back to "normal" for Jarretta.  Her assailant has not been arrested and she is presently "back with him".

It is still a possibility that the charges against her assailant may be presented to the grand jury for indictment.

This is one of several articles we are featuring during this week for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  More domestic violence general information is here and linked from our home page.

Wendy Knight is a victim's advocate for the District Attorney's office.  She tells us this is a prime example of a time when an advocate should have been called early in this whole process.

Ms Knight stated that they are on call 24/7 to respond to domestic violence cases.  We will have more from Ms Knight on Wednesday.

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