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Like a Pimp Drags His Prostitute
    Sep 30, 2010

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Domestic Violence; The frustrations of the system

Jeffery Williams got out of his car, walked across a road at Bainbridge College and grabbed a 19 year old female by the arm.  Jeffery Williams dragged the female back across the street to his car, obviously against her will.

Jeffery Williams (at left) snatched the female's phone and purse/bookbag, threw the items into his vehicle, and held her so she could not move.

Watching this happen was Assistant District Attorney Michael Garrett, who was teaching a class at the college and happened to look out the window.

"The way he was dragging her was the way I have seen a pimp drag his prostitute."  Garrett stated, having worked in the Fulton County DA's Office.  "It was a 'I own you and you are my property' kind of thing, an inhuman way of treating her."

Michael Garrett ran outside and yelled at Williams, whereupon he threw the victim to the ground, got into his car and left.

"After law enforcement arrived though, she changed her tune" Garrett stated.

The victim did not want to press charges and get Williams in trouble.  In spite of that, it was ADA Garrett's intention to prosecute the case.

"The gall to run into a public college campus in broad daylight and snatch someone up as if they are your property and drag them across the street" is disturbing and shouldn't be allowed.

Jeffery Bernard Williams, 19, of 5344 Bridlepath Road in Donalsonville was arrested for robbery by sudden snatching and false imprisonment

On Tuesday the charges were dropped.  ADA Garrett explains that the Magistrate did not sign an arrest warrant because the victim did not want any charges to be brought, in spite of the fact there were 2 witnesses to the crime.

There's only so much money to go around and we can't waste money on a case where the victim says I will not cooperate and I will not help.

This domestic violence case documented here is typical and occurs in Bainbridge and Decatur County every single day of the year.

ADA Michael Garrett handles domestic violence cases for District Attorney Joe Mulholland.  He is funded by a Violence Against Women federal grant. 

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