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Strong Arm Attempted Robbery
    May 27, 2010

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With his third arrest in 5 days, and with Wednesday's offense being an attempted strong arm robbery and assault, it would lead one to believe that Daljit needs a vacation, or something.  Daljit Singh is the owner of Singh Food Mart located on So. West Street, next to Mobile City.

At about 3 pm on Wednesday afternoon, Daljit Singh walked up to 52 year old M Patel in the parking lot of Park Avenue Bank on South Broad Street.  He punched Mr Patel and then grabbed the money bag he was holding. 

Olivia Smart, a witness told us (in video, along with the take down at his store) that Daljit started to get away and Mr Patel grabbed the bag.  They fought for the bag until Olivia yelled "Call 911" at which time Daljit released the bag and took off running.  Mr Patel gathered his money from the ground and secured it.

Daljit proceeded to his convenience store on south West Street.  He went into the store telling his wife he was going to tear up the store.  Apparently instead, he hid under a counter.  His wife chained the front door, locking him in, and called 911.

The store was engulfed with Bainbridge Public Safety Officers, Sheriff's Deputies and GSP armed with assault weapons.

BPS Investigator Chris Jordan (at left with Daljit Singh) cut the lock from the front door and Captain Jack Bunting and Trooper Brian Palmer jerked the front doors open.  They made entry into the store and moments later had Daljit Singh secured.

The Public Safety report states that Daljit Singh had been in the bank attempting to use his wife's credit card for a cash advance.

On Monday about 1 pm, Daljit was reported chasing his wife around the parking lot of the store with a tire iron.  A good citizen, Charles Phillips stopped to help and he stopped.  Daljit had also broken the window out of his wife's car.  Officer John Mills found him hiding in the woods behind his store and arrested Daljit for disorderly conduct, again.

Daljit Singh was arrested for disorderly conduct after 2 incidents on Saturday, one of which can best be described as odd.

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