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Mama Upset on Son's Arrest
    May 1, 2010

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After her 30 year old son was arrested for loitering at Simms Street Apartments on Friday, April 16, mama was not happy.  But it was apparently the Public Safety Viper Team she was angry at berating one officer and telling him he was doing the work of the white man.

Housing Authority Security Officer Redd Bradley stated they have requested the assistance of the Bainbridge Public Safety Viper Team (at left) to control the loitering on Housing Authority property.  He tells us that at times 10-20 persons would be "hanging out" around the apartments, in spite of the very visible "No Loitering" signs.

Officer Bradley told us that the vast majority of apartment residents do not want all these folks hanging out there and they receive regular complaints from residents to stop the loitering and the drug dealing going on in the complex.

Last Friday, Officer Bradley and the Viper Team found a large crowd loitering on Housing Authority property and warned persons loitering to leave the property.  They did.  About 30 minutes later, Officer Bradley and the Viper Team found the crowd had gathered again.

Officer Bradley told several persons they would have to move along.  One male, identified as "Durrell", looked over at Calvin Butler, sitting in a chair in front of a building, and said "Xxck these motherxxxxers, lets go".  Sergeant James Dollar warned the male that his conduct was disorderly, and that he could be arrested, especially with the numerous small children in the area.

Sergeant Dollar advised "Durrell" and Calvin Butler to move along and leave the property immediately. Durrell continued to curse and be belligerent but walked on to an apartment porch.  Butler, who had a white cup full of beer in his hand, was muttering and arguing with officers saying he did not want to be there anyway.

After being told to leave 5 times, Calvin Butler abruptly turned to face Sergeant Dollar in an offensive posture, and told him he would leave when he was damn well ready. Officer Gary Hines then grabbed Butler by the wrist and told him that he was under arrest.

As Butler attempted to pull away from Officer Hines, Durrell jumped off the porch and grabbed the officer by the arm.  Officers Dollar and Rusty Day drew their tasers and gave Durrell repeated orders to back off.  Another unidentified male also approached and began to interfere with Butler's arrest and he too was ordered at taser point to back off, which they finally did.

Officer Gary Hines then transported Calvin Butler, 30, of 2661 Old Whigham Road to Public Safety and booked him for loitering.

During the booking process, Calvin Butler's mother, arrived at Public Safety obviously unhappy.  According to the Public Safety report, mama berated Officer Hines during the booking process.  She told him that he was "nasty" and that "all this xxit was going to come down on his head".  She also implied racial discrimination, saying that Officer Gary Hines was doing the work of the white man.

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