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Gibson Busted for Cocaine
    Mar 6, 2011

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Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, nope, but Kendall Gibson acted as though he thought he was on Saturday night.

A drug complaint responded the Bainbridge Public Safety Viper Team to the area of Video Warehouse on Shotwell Street at about 7:30.  When they approached Kendall Gibson, he took off running towards the shopping center.  As other officers pursued on foot, Officer Rusty Day did so in his vehicle.

As Kendall Gibson ran across the lot, he was seen attempting to eat the cocaine he had in his possession.  Running as he was, he dropped it and it was retrieved by Viper officers.

Kendall Gibson began to run in front of the shopping center and Officer Day pulled up next to him and told him to stop.  Kendall kept running and the officer continued to ride next to him telling him to stop.  At the end of the building, both Kendall and the officer turned left.

At that point, Kendall Gibson darted to his right attempting to cut across the lot, but of course there was Officer Day's patrol unit.  Kendall and the car met and Kendall went down.  He started to get up and the officer told him to stay down or he would be tased.  He laid back on the ground.

EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital where he was later released with minor injuries.  Charges are pending for Kendall Gibson, 30, of 109 Bruce Road, Attapulgus, for possession of cocaine but no word if he would be charged with damaging the side panel light on the patrol car.

Gibson has served prison sentences - March 2006 to Dec 2007 and Nov 2003 to Aug 2004 and Sept 2000 to Dec 2000 for cocaine convictions and is currently on parole.

In October of 2008 and again in March of 2009 Kendall Gibson was charged with parole violation o/c of sale of cocaine.  In July 2009, he was charged with 2 counts of forgery in the first degree and again with a parole violation.  Curiously, 4 days later, his brother John Edward Gibson Jr., of 109 Bruce Road, was arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and obstruction of an officer after deputies received a report of drug sales.

I wonder if Kendall will be one of the Governor Deal's non-violent drug offenders and can he make room somewhere for him now?

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