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Cows Perish in Semi Crash
    Feb 5, 2009

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A tractor trailer, filled with 120 cows, lost control and crashed to its side on the Bypass on Wednesday night.  The crash occurred at about 8:15 pm between the Fowlstown and Shotwell Street exits.

The driver, heading west on the Highway 84 Bypass, stated he began to pass another truck.  As he did, he felt his cargo shift and began to lose control of the truck.  He attempted to gain control but the tractor trailer flipped on its side and skidded down the median.  Between the highway and median, the truck skidded over 550 feet.

The trailer contained sections holding a number of cows in each.  The back door of the trailer came open, and 10 cows escaped and took off down the highway.  Several crashes occurred due to the fleeing cows.  Public Safety closed down the Bypass until they were sure the cows had exited.

Public Safety, Sheriff's Deputies, GSP, DOT, city employees and a multitude of citizen volunteers worked until after 2 am clearing the cows and the semi from the Bypass.

In addition they searched the surrounding area for them.  Public Safety requested GSP's helicopter with night vision to assist in locating them.  Several were found down Highway 309 near the old landfill and one down Highway 97 at Riverchase.

A multitude of area citizens responded to assist.  Some brought trailers and helped move and transport the cows that remained in the trailer.  Others brought horses to help round up the cows that escaped, while others came to help however they could.

About 40 cows were killed in the crash.  Thirty minutes after the road way was cleared,  at about 2:45 am, a semi reported striking another wandering cow on the Bypass.

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