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County Heads Into the Sewer
    Jan 11, 2012

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Decatur County government took a sharp turn into the sewer on Tuesday morning, in several different ways as Commissioner CT Stafford assumed the County Commision Chair for 2012.

Not only did they revert to the old days of hiding discussions they fear the public hearing(more below), and not caring if anyone knows they did so, but they abandoned any Decatur County residents who have a septic tank.  On Tuesday morning, Decatur County Commissioners voted 5-1, with Commissioner Mosely voting no, to suspend accepting sewer tank pump out waste at the Decatur County sewage plant.

County Administrator Tom Patton stated the City of Bainbridge will not accept it, and it appears no waste water treatment plant willingly accepts septic tank pump out waste from outside their own county.

The short discussion, which was not really a discussion

"What we are actually saying to the taxpayers out in the County, we'll take your fees, we'll take your tax money, and to the proper people like Mills and Peaks and the others we'll take your fees for septic tanks, but we won't take your waste." stated Commissioner Mosely.

Commissioner Mosely unsuccessfully questioned County Administrator Tom Patton where the waste could be taken when a septic tank has to be pumped out.

Commissioner Earl Perry interjected "We had an hour long discussion of this matter on Thursday evening. The pros and cons were discussed. There is a matter of trying to take care of our County facility. We are under orders to take care of it, we don't have any choice, I think it is an unfortunate situation, we discussed this matter Thursday evening. Yes it is unfortunate for the people."

Somehow, Commissioner Perry reconciled that this was in the best interest for the majority of people, the taxpayers of the County, to not have anywhere to turn if their septic tank backs up.

"Again, I say if we had taken care of our business in a timely manner we would not be in this situation." responded Commissioner Mosely.

This, of course, affects any restaurant that would like their grease trap pumped as well.  Mr Patton stated the suspension will be at least 2 years - until the Decatur County treatment plant is refurbished.

Their Hidden Discussion
Last Thursday evening, in a called meeting/work session, commissioners discussed the costly communication upgrades (Communication to Cost City/County $2.5 M) and then broke the meeting. I asked three times if they were finished with no answer. I asked County Commission Chairman CT Stafford directly at least once-with no answer.

In Video, my exchange with Commission Chairman Stafford after meeting regarding his hidden discussion, and the Rotary Press lease approval

So after the Post Searchlight left and then I left, they came back to the table for their hour-long discussion on closing the sewer plant to septic tank pump out waste. It appears obvious to me that it was a concerted effort by all attending County Commissioners. Commissioner Butch Mosely was not there and on Tuesday I asked him why to which he stated he was out of town when he received his 2 day notice that the meeting was called.

The whole thing certainly makes one wonder what they are hiding.

Commissioners approved a Rotary Press lease for the Decatur County Waste Water Treatment Plant at a cost of $10,000 for the first week and then $2,000 per week for a year - $112,000.

Commissioner Perry pointed out that he and commissioners were aware of the need to correct the problems at the water treatment plant since 2003.

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