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Decatur County 2014 SPLOST VI Breakdown

Tax Revenue collected pursuant to the SPLOST VI Referendum shall be allocated and expended on county or municipal capital outlay projects as authorized by O.C.G.A. 48-8-111, and described below:

Designated expeditures for the Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) to be approved in 2014. (Estimated amount expected to be generated- $34,500,000)

Decatur County $15,907,950 - 46.1l% allocated to be expended as follows:
$3,333,045 County wide projects: Jail, DCP, Health Dept., Administration Building
$3,800,475 Public Safety: Fire/Rescue, E911, EMS, Sheriff Vehicles, Narrowband Radio Equipment
$5,067,300 Public Works: Equipment and Roads
$ 800,100 Regional Landfill
$ 355,600 Vehicle Fleet Upgrade
$1,955,800 Recreation/Debt service; Golf Course Clubhouse and Silver Lake project
$ 595,630 Industrial Park: Buildings upgrade, hanger roof, gas line expansion
$15,907,950 Total
Bainbridge $13,282,500 - 38.5% allocated to be expended as follows:
$6,500,000 Water and Sewer bond service
$3,000,000 General Fund bond service
$1,700,000 Road Construction and Improvements
$1,000,000 Recreation Improvements
$1,082,500 Public Safety Equipment
$13,282,500 Total
Attapulgus $555,450 - 1.61% of Revenue to be expended as follows:
$55,545 Real estate acquisition and expansion of community center, furnishings and equipment
$18,515 Parks and recreation projects and equipment
$92,575 Real estate acquisition, renovation and expansion of City Hall and Public Safety, furnishings, equipment
$23,144 City Hall and Public Safety Computer and technology upgrades
$92,575 Purchase/replacement of fleet vehicles
$23,l44 Public Safety Equipment
$74,060 Water system projects and equipment
$4l,659 Street department projects and equipment
$92,575 Fire mains and hydrant upgrade
$4l,658 Solid waste management equipment
$555,450 Total
Brinson $265,650 - .77% allocated to be expended as follows:
$50,000 Street Paving
$57,325 Electrical Improvements
$61,000 Water System Upgrade
Building Additions and Refurbishing
$27,325 Maintenance Equipment and Vehicles
$20,000 Public Safety Equipment
$265,650 Total
Climax $348,450 - l.0l% of Revenue to be expended as follows:
$70,000 Streets and road equipment
$98,000 Street drainage and water upgrades
$81,000 Public safety; police vehicle purchase and upgrade, firefighting equipment
$36,000 Parks and Recreation equipment, expansion of walking track
$55,000 Refurbishing of Climax Depot, record storage capacity in City Hall
$8,450 Purchase of computer equipment
$348,450 Total
Hospital Authority $4,140,000 12% allocated to be expended as follows:
$1,000,000 Renovate, upgrade and update facilities owned by The Hospital
$3,140,000 Purchase of equipment for direct and indirect patient care and purchase of furniture and fixtures for patient and resident rooms.
$4,140,000 Total
$34,500,000 Grand Total
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