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Georgia Pines Decatur Seminole Service Center

333 Airport Rd.   Bainbridge 39817
Telephone 229-246-6108     Fax 229 248-0537

Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm

Empowering People to Achieve Their Personal Goals

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Georgia Pines Decatur Seminole Service Center (GPDSSC) is dedicated to Service, Pursuit of Excellence and Respect for Human Dignity.
The mission of GPDSSC is to empower people to achieve their personal goals. The centerís philosophy is that all persons should have access to high quality services and supports in the least restrictive, expeditious and accessible manner.
The services offered at the Center are for the enhancement of daily functioning, to assist people in achieving skills necessary for successful community living, facilitate work skills and empower people to achieve personal goals.

The Service Center is accredited by The Joint Commission (JCAHO) and supported by the Bainbridge-Decatur County United Way, Inc.
Community Based Services
Community based services are designed to enable people to achieve the highest degree of presence and participation in community living. Services include community access, prevocational and supported employment.

Participants take part in community activities such as the Bear Cats' homecoming parade, Christmas parade, Bike Fest, Martin Luther King Day parade, Relay for Life, and other activities. We currently have two teams of people receiving tennis instruction from the city recreational department, and have begun a bowling team at the YMCA.
Supported Employment
Services assist people in attaining fully integrated, competitive employment in businesses in the community. On going support facilitates the adjustment of the person to the work setting and to employment responsibilities.

Aside from supporting people to become employed in the community, the Center also employs people on 2 yard crews that provide services to the city of Bainbridge and the bainbridge Housing Authority.
Day Services
Day services are provided for people who could benefit from training and supports in the areas of daily living skills, recreational skills, socialization, theraputic exercise, and pre-vocational training.

Our Annex facility on Alice Street mans the recycling facility for Decatur County. They collect and recycle paper, cardboard, magazines, phone books, aluminum cans, and any plastic with 1 or 2 in the recycling triangle symbol on the bottle. Just drive by and drop your items in the fenced enclosure. Please don't leave other garbage - only the items listed. Call Diana Dowdy at 246-4104 for further information.

We also take paper, magazines, books and junk mail at the main facility at 333 Airport Road to provide work for people in our day services program. Contact Bennie Jakes at 243-6474 or Johnny brown at 243-6463.
Holiday Schedule
The Center will be closed:
01-17-11 (Monday) Martin Luther King Day observed
05-30-11 (Monday) Memorial Day
07-04-11 (Monday) Independence day
09-05-11 (Monday) Labor Day
11-24-11 & 11-25-11 Thanksgiving Holiday
12-25 thru 12-31-11 Christmas Holidays 01-02-11 (Monday) New Year's Day Holiday

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