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2015 Comprehensive Plan Information for the City of Bainbridge Ga

What are the major sections of the Comprehensive Plan document?

Required elements:

State of Georgia Review and Final Adoption - After completing the draft and providing opportunity for public review and comment, the Draft Comprehensive Plan will be submitted to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) for review. Once the DCA has approved the Draft Comprehensive Plan, it can be formally adopted by each government as a Final Comprehensive Plan.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (City of Bainbridge)


  • Best Recreation Facilities/Programs (+7)
  • Excellent Police Dept. (+6)
  • Waterway (+1)
  • Bainbridge State College (+1)
  • Low cost of living (+1)
  • Overland transportation routes, Hwys 84 and 27
  • Historical business
  • Surrounded by prime farm land
  • Access to rail system
  • Solid commercial retail areas
  • Community events (fireworks, festivals, etc.)
  • Award winning library
  • Beautiful historic downtown
  • Excellent high school facility
  • Marina/boat ramps
  • Access to industrial airport


  • Lack of jobs (+8)
  • Drainage problems (+3)
  • Lack of skilled labor force (+3)
  • Truck traffic downtown (+1)
  • Activities for the elderly (+1)
  • Substandard street conditions in areas
  • Too many homes for sale
  • Abandoned homes
  • Underutilized waterway
  • Voting districts with underrepresentation
  • No dog park
  • Losing storefronts
  • No fine restaurants
  • Underused senior center


  • Industrial parks with available land (+4)
  • Expand opportunities other than industrial (+2)
  • Summer activities for kids (+1)
  • Fishing tournaments (+1)
  • Nightlife downtown (+1)
  • River activities (+1)
  • Airport
  • Police Citizens Academy
  • More city/county cooperation


  • High poverty rates (+3)
  • Drop in performance in school system (+3)
  • Drug problem (+1)
  • Lack of Zoning in neighboring Decatur County
  • Unfunded mandates by state/federal governments
  • Landlords and derelict properties

Goals and Policies (City of Bainbridge)

Economic Development

Encourage development or expansion of businesses and industries that are suitable for Bainbridge and its workforce.

Policy 1: We will support programs for retention, expansion and creation of businesses that are a good fit for our communityís economy in terms of job skill requirements and linkages to existing businesses.

Policy 2: We will consider the employment needs and skill levels of our existing population in making decisions on proposed economic development projects.

Policy 3: We will encourage the development of downtown as a vibrant center of the community, even after normal business hours, in order to improve overall attractiveness and local quality of life.

Policy 4: We will continue to implement our downtown master plan.

Public Infrastructure/Programs

Identify and put in place the prerequisites for the type of future the community seeks to achieve.

Policy 1: Continue to identify and implement a maintenance list of problem areas with regards to street condition & areas prone to flooding.

Policy 2: Work to develop with the DOT a truck route to move truck traffic around the downtown.

Policy 3: We are committed to providing pleasant, accessible public gathering places and parks throughout the community.

Policy 4: We will work to improve/expand the recreational opportunities for seniors.

Continue the Citizenís Police Academy Program through Bainbridge Public Safety to create an atmosphere of greater understanding of how the department operates, and of the problems and challenges faced by Public Safety Officers on a daily basis.

Policy 1: Examine ways to improve and promote the Citizenís Police Academy program.


Provide a housing program that helps transition residents from public housing projects to affordable homes (single family, duplexes, townhouses, etc.).

Policy 1: We will eliminate substandard or dilapidated housing in our community.

Policy 2: We will encourage housing policies, choices and patterns that move people upward on the housing ladder from dependence to independence (homeownership).

Regional Cooperation

Cooperate with neighboring jurisdictions to address shared needs.

Policy 1: We will seek opportunities to share services and facilities with neighboring jurisdictions when mutually beneficial.

Policy 2: We will work jointly with neighboring jurisdictions on developing solutions for shared regional issues.

Needs & Opportunities (City of Bainbridge)


Economic Development

  • We lack sufficient jobs or economic opportunities for local residents.
  • We need to develop a more skilled labor force.
  • Our community's economy is too dependent upon one or two industries or economic sectors, particularly the industrial sector.
  • Business retention may be an issue given the empty storefronts
  • Lack of restaurant variety, no fine restaurants

Public Infrastructure/Programs

  • Address drainage problems in Bainbridge
  • Improve conditions of streets
  • Divert truck traffic out of downtown
  • There is a need for more senior programs
  • Underutilized boat basin and waterway
  • Dog park


  • Too many "for sale" signs in neighborhoods
  • Too many abandoned/derelict homes/landlords not keeping up their properties


  • Bainbridge has available properties for industrial development in industrial parks.
  • The Decatur County Industrial Air Park is an advantage that Bainbridge has over most surrounding communities and should be utilized and marketed to maximize its usefulness.
  • Bainbridge has done a wonderful job with the Boat Basin area and should continue to utilize the area for its current uses and possibly increasing its uses by developing some river activities and hosting more fishing tournaments.
  • Since Bainbridge has such a highly rated public safety department and popular citizen's academy it would make sense to offer the citizens academy more frequently if possible and examine ways to expand it.
  • Bainbridge has some of the best recreation facilities around that contribute heavily to quality of life yet there seems to be a lack of activities for seniors.
  • Opportunities exist for Bainbridge and Decatur County to collaborate on a variety of endeavors. Collaboration is key to keeping costs down and providing an adequate level of service.
  • The City of Bainbridge and Decatur County share in an industrial heavy economy and that is good but broadening the economy to other classifications would be a more conservative move towards a stable economy.
  • The historic downtown in Bainbridge is a vibrant jewel for the city at least during the daytime. After 5 pm however the streets are barren. There are a number of opportunities to liven up the streets after 5 pm to help fully utilize rare jewel.
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