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2016 Bainbridge Boards And Authorities

Boards whose members are appointed by the City and County - (Recreational Authority, Industrial Development Authority, Hospital Authority, Board Of Health) listed on Decatur County Boards

Planning Commission Expires
Joe Truhett 11/2015
Greg McDonald 11/2015
Marcie Miller 12/2015
Lillie Brown 01/2018
Frank Flowers 02/2019
Downtown Development Authority Expires
Billy Inlow 05/2021
Theresa York 05/2017
Al Collins 10/2020
Emily Yent 10/2020
Tom Conger 05/2021
Gloria Reeves 10/2020
Brent Flowers 07/2021
Historic Preservation Commission Expires
Jenny Harper 05/2018
Pete Emmons 01/2018
Gail Long 10/2016
Clayton Penhallegon 07/2015
Chris New 05/2018
Ryan Cleveland 07/2018
Ms. Charlie May Phillips 11/2016
Roy Oliver, Ex-Officio
Amanda Glover, Ex-Officio
Library Board Expires
Rhonda Walker 06/2018
Ryan Cleveland 06/2019
David Diaz 06/2019
Donna Sue Hadsock 2016
Tree Committee Expires
Ridge Harper 05/2018
Meredyth Earnest 05/2018
Mills Brock 05/2018
Joe McGlincy 09/2018
Convention And Visitors Authority Expires
Chris Hobby 09/2016
Don Whaley 09/2016
Adrienne Harrison 09/2016
Shawn Edwards 09/2016
Alesia Brinson 09/2016
Lindsay Miller(Holiday Inn) 09/2016
Housing Authority
Clint Hilburn, Chairman
Lauren Turner
Tynesee Butler
Linda Lumpkin
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