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Decatur County School Dress Code
As of Fall 2005

According to Board of Education policy JCDB, our schools recognize the importance of being well-groomed and neat in appearance. Clothing should be appropriate for the occasion, in good taste and in good condition. While the administration recognizes the individuality of each student and does not wish to stifle the individual taste, consideration must be given to our primary reason for being in school. Clothing and/or personal adornment that is so unusual or non-traditional that it attracts undue attention and distracts from the academic climate of the classroom cannot be allowed. Such incidence will result in a student being sent home to change clothes. Time spent out of class because of inappropriate dress will not be excused (zeros for work missed). Students must abide by the following when dressing for school:

  1. Hats, sunglasses, large bags or totes and book bags (other than clear or mesh) are not permissible on campus.
  2. Shorts, skirts and dresses that are fingertip length or longer when standing erect are allowed. All shorts and pants must be hemmed, be without holes or patches, contain no spandex material, and not reveal undergarments. Slits in shorts, shirts and dresses may be no higher than fingertip length when standing erect.
  3. Shirts, dresses or blouses must have straps a minimum of 2 inches wide. Low cut necklines, tops that expose the midriff, halter tops or see-through shirts are not allowed. Jumpers must be worn with a shirt or blouse underneath.
  4. Hair may contain no pin curls or rollers. Picks and combs may not be worn in the hair.
  5. Sweat pants, track shorts and cutoffs are allowed only as part of a school uniform or in physical education classes. Wind suits are acceptable attire.
  6. Pants must be worn at the appropriate waist level.
  7. Clothing or jewelry which advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco or has obscene, satanic, violent, offensive or suggestive words or pictures is not allowed.
  8. Club, fraternity or sorority shirts, other than those that are school-sponsored, are not allowed. Boys' shirts must have sleeves.
  9. Jewelry that adorns the face, nose, hair, eyebrows and ears that is deemed distracting or unsafe for a specified activity is not allowed.
  10. Interlocking rings that cover more than one finger or any ring that can be construed as a weapon is not allowed.
  11. Appropriate undergarments must be worn.
  12. Bandannas, handkerchiefs, scarfs, headrags or similar items are not to be worn on campus or any school-sponsored activity.
  13. Shoes must be worn which are appropriate for school and required activities. Bedroom slippers are not appropriate.

The principal at each school may deem it necessary to restrict certain clothing, etc. The principal or designee will determine if attire is disruptive, offensive to other students or inappropriate for school. Violations will be handled at the administrator's discretion and may include confiscation of inappropriate articles. Repeat offenders will be handled according to the individual student's discipline record with chronic offenses resulting in suspension. If the student is in doubt about an item's appropriateness, the best advice is to leave the item at home.

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