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Rattlesnake Roundup, Whigham, GA

Held the last Saturday in January
Rattlesnake Roundup Grounds
Whigham, GA

This is one of the premier events in the Southeast. The Rattlesnake Roundup is 50 years old and attracts approximately 25,000 visitors each year.

This event includes such demonstrations as the now-famous milking of the venom from an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. This venom is always used for medical research. Ken Darnell, a handler at last year’s event said,

"One of the worst problems you suffer from snake bite is your blood pressure goes down. It can go down tremendously. And now, one of the most effective blood pressure medicines in the world came about because of studying rattlesnake venom. They produced a synthetic pharmaceutical for blood pressure treatment -- very effective. Hey, they did it with our venom produced at roundups in Georgia and Texas."

Rattlesnake Round-Up is sponsored by the Whigham Community Club.

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