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Remembering the Old Bainbridge Marina, Perkins Marine

With construction of the Bainbridge Marina approaching completion,
it is a good time to take a look at the marina in days gone by.

old Bainbridge marina, late 1960s

High Water during a flood in the late 1960's

old Bainbridge marina Bainbridge Marina 2007

Bainbridge Marina Then

Bainbridge Marina 2007

Concrete and metal replaces wood and tin, yet the land and river remain. Trees are much taller, the water flows a little differently, and the ground is little flatter, but you could never mistake the place where the marina stands.

old Bainbridge marina

As a child growing up in Bainbridge in the 1950's and 60's, I knew the Flint River to be a place of much activity. Fishing, boating, skiing, boat cruises and family picnics were the norm for many of us.

Kids would leave school in the afternoons and head for the river. During my high school years my family owned and operated the marina, Perkins Marine. We seldom went home. The marina offered everything that we needed.

My hope, for Bainbridge families, is that the opening of the new marina will bring back a lot of the excitement of river days gone past.

Janice Perkins Van Kirk
Day of Fun in the Sun 1958, S. P. (Primus)Perkins, Jr.,
Ruby Perkins (Kelley) wife(taking photos), children Gene, Everett and Janice
old Bainbridge marina old marina in Bainbridge

A special Thanks to the Perkins Family and Janice Perkins Van Kirk for sharing.

If you have memories you would like to share, please contact us

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