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The Decatur County Schools Police Department

In 1995 the Board of Education received a grant they used for a trial School Resource Officer. They hired Paul Gordon. The trial went so well the Board continued it. About 5 years ago they added 3 additional officers and established the Decatur County Schools Police Department.

Each of the officers are certified police officers.
They have attended the Georgia Police Academy and each of them have at least 5 years of road experience with either Public Safety or the Sheriff's Department. They have full arrest powers just as a deputy or public safety officer. There is an officer at each of the 2 middle schools and 2 officers based at the high school.

Their main goal is to Serve and Protect the students in our schools.
They want to make sure that the kids can come to school and learn in a safe environment. They work to prevent crime and to be a role model and counselor for students.

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon, Police Chief
Bainbridge High School

The officers are involved in many areas. When there are problems between students they handle the conflict resolution meeting. At this meeting students are brought together and discuss the problem and work for a permanent solution. They are also the liaison between the schools and other law enforcement and Juvenile Justice.

There are times when an investigation into criminal activity in the schools may require more resources and time than is available. For these occasions, they do not hesitate to call for assistance from either Public Safety or the Sheriff's Department with whom they have excellent working relationships. This may be anything from drugs, vandalism, arson or an assault.

This is important for parents to know because when you are making a report to the School Resource Officers, there is no difference from this and a report to Public Safety or Sheriffs.

Paul Gordon
Maurice Gaines, Sergeant
West Bainbridge Middle School
Sherry Engle
Travis Martin, Officer
Hutto Middle School
Eric Duke
Eric Duke, Officer
Bainbridge High School
BOE Police Cars

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