Bainbridge Georgia
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The Arts in Bainbridge and the Area

The Arts in Bainbridge is indicative of the diversity of our town. Many fine individuals voluteer their time to develop the exceptional offerings.

Bainbridge-Decatur County Council for the Arts
located in the Firehouse Center and Gallery (at right), is committed to the enrichment of community life through the arts. Their vision is to provide experiences and opportunities for everyone to participate in the enjoyment of the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, the Written Word and Nature. See More

Bainbridge Little Theater

The Bainbridge Little Theatre
draws its cast from the local area. Established in 1974, the Bainbridge Little Theatre has 4 productions each year, plus a children’s summer camp every summer, where youth and teens put on productions at the end of camp.

Swamp Gravy, The Play
Swamp Gravy
is just down the road a piece in Colquitt, Ga. Designated the "Official Folk Life Play of Georgia", plays are based on real life stories and taped interviews. Each production features an amateur cast giving professional performances celebrating a culture that is uniquely rural south Georgia.

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