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Red Hills Counseling Services, LLC

107 E. Water Street   Bainbridge 39817
Telephone 229-254-1736     Fax 229-246-0638

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Larry C. Nichols; BS, MS, Ed.S.
Certified Addiction Counselor II
Certified Family Violence Intervention Provider
Certified Anger Management Specialist

Serving •Thomasville•Bainbridge•Cairo•Camilla•Moultrie•Donalsonville•Blakely•Colquitt
Get Back On Track
Red Hills Counseling Services, located in the heart of SouthWest Georgia, is a unique counseling service that offers a variety of programs including:
Substance Abuse Counseling
Anger Management
DUI Classes
Family Violence Intervention
Moral Reconation Therapy
Individual and Group Counseling
Anger Management
The Anger Management Program offers intervention for individuals who have encountered problems at work, home, and school or with the law as a result of their anger. The AMP is 8 weekly group sessions. The concepts, skills and issues participants have the opportunity to develop through AMP include:
Conflict Resolution
Accepting Responsibility
Improving Problem-Solving Skills
Improving Communication Skills
Setting Priorities
Reaching Goals
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American Society on Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level 1 Outpatient and Aftercare Programs are to help the client achieve and maintain abstinence or reduce harmful substance use, as well as make personal changes to facilitate ongoing recovery and minimize relapse risk.
The substance abuse curriculum is for 16 weeks and addresses issues such as:
Understanding Substance Abuse
Stages of Change
Managing Cravings
Managing Thoughts of Using
Managing Emotions
Refusing Offers to Use
Dealing with Family Problems
Building A Recovery Support System
Reducing the Risk of Relapse
Relapse Management
Strategies for Balanced Living

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