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The State of the Hospital
Feb 14, 2017

On Feb 14, 2017, Glennie Bench, Hospital Authority chairman, addressed the Decatur County Commissioners on the State of Memorial Hospital.

Some important points are listed below but see the video for the whole presentation.

  • 2012-2014 the hospital was profitable.
  • 2015-2016 had huge losses due to uncollectible accounts in the previous 3 years.
  • In addition,
  • With Obamacare, medicare/medicaid payments were lowered to even less and our area did not get the additional insureds that Obamacare was supposed to generate.
  • In 2016, the hospital began to revamp 4 critical areas
  • Revenue Cycle- all from admissions to collections
  • Expense Reduction, staff was 62% of expenses
  • Information Technology, approx $1 million invested in IT infrastructure
  • Debt Renewal (Bonds to be Issued) by the end of March 2017

And now

  • As of December, 2016 (9 months into their fiscal year) the hospital has generated a profit of $60,000 versus last year showing a loss of $3 million
  • Cash collections have improved about $350,000 per month since last October
  • No changes in staffing are anticipated
  • $2 million, from bond issue, will be invested in the 60 year old facility over the next 3 years replacing fixed assets that average 20 years old.

Ms Bench noted that repairing infrastructure is far better than building a new hospital at a cost of $100 million.

Hospital Authority chairman Glennie Bench stated "We want people with commercial insurance, as well as those who have medicaid, medicare, and those that are in need of our services locally, whether they are indigent or not, we want those people to have a good experience at our hospital and understand that they will get the best of care."

"With the commercially insured population here 3-5% higher than average, if those insured stays here, it could potentially bring in $1-3 million more. "We want those people to opt to stay here not just because we are local, but because they are going to get the best care," Ms Bench continued.

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