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Decatur Excels at Bainbridge Livestock Show
Nov 16, 2016
by Teresa Adkins, 4-H Program Assistant

4-H and FFA Livestock showteam members from Decatur, Mitchell, Seminole, Grady, and Miller counties participated in the 2016 Fall Festival and Fair Market Hog and Breeding Gilt Show followed by the Steer and Heifer Cattle Show on October 27, 2016. The shows are sponsored by the Bainbridge/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee.

Jake Barber, at left, exhibited the Grand Champion Registered Gilt and Brooke Strickland exhibited the Reserve Champion Registered Gilt.

The evening began with novice showmanship for 1st through 3rd grade Swine exhibitors. Winning 1st place was Jake Barber and receiving 2nd place honors was Preston Lynn.
Winning junior showmanship for exhibitors in 4th through 6th grades was Carson Lynn, and Olivia Griner placed 2nd.

Intermediate showmanship champion for grades 7th through 9th went to Asher Childs, while 2nd place honors went to Victoria Luevano. Courtney Conine of Mitchell County exhibited the Grand Champion Market Hog and the Reserve Champion Market Hog.

Preston Lynn won class 7 market hogs (225 – 2268 lbs.). 2nd place honors went to Carson Lynn. Placing 3rd was Lelia Wolfe, and 4th place went to Asher Childs.

Taylor Barber, at left, exhibited the Grand Champion Commercial Gilt and Carson Lynn exhibited the Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt.

Senior Showmanship (10th-12th grade) champion was Taylor Barber. Placing 2nd was Courtney Conine. 3rd place honors went to Lelia Wolfe, and placing 4th was Brooke Strickland.

Hogs weighing between 271 – 285 lbs. were shown in the class 8 market hogs division. Courtney Conine won this class while Preston Lynn placed 2nd, Jake Barber ranked 3rd, Carson Lynn placed 4th, and 5th place went to Victoria Luevano.

Class 9 market hogs weighed 289 – 290 lbs. where Courtney Conine won 1st place, Taylor Barber had 2nd and 3rd place honors.

Following the Market Hog and Breeding Gilt Show the cattle junior showmanship (4th-6th grade) began with Abbey Barnes winning 1st place. Steele Faircloth placed 2nd, placing 3rd was Bowen Smith, receiving 4th place honors was Carson Lynn. Placing 5th was Ansley Cook, 6th place went to Bree Kelley, and placing 7th was Addison Cook.

Winning intermediate showmanship for grades 7th through 9th was Trace Lamberth followed by Lexie Delbrey placing 2nd. Lily Sheffield received 3rd place and 4th place went to Peyton Brazel.

Carlton Lynn, at left, won Grand Champion Commercial Heifer while Ellis Faircloth exhibited the Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer.

Starting off senior showmanship (10th-12th grade) Presley Manley won 1st place. Carlton Lynn placed 2nd placing 3rd was Blake Miller, 4th place went to Taylor Barber, placing 5th was Madison Warriner, and 6th place went to Sydney Lamberth.

The Grand Champion Registered Heifer was exhibited by Abbey Barnes and Sydney Lamberth had the Reserve Champion Registered Heifer.

Winning the 1st class of Steers was Bowen Smith while John Dean Daniels received 2nd and Heather Marshall received 3rd place honors.

Blake Miller won the second class of steers. Placing 2nd was Presley Manley, 3rd place went to Taylor Barber, placing 4th was Madison Warriner, and 5th place went to Taylor Barber.
Winning Grand Champion Steer from Seminole County was Blake Miller. Presley Manley from Decatur County had the Reserve Champion Steer.

Michael Berry from Coffee County judged the 2016 Market Hog and Breeding Gilt Show and the Steer and Heifer Cattle Show. Mr. Berry is currently an Ag Advisor for Coffee High School located in Douglas, Georgia.

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