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BSC Adult Education Graduates 20
May 25, 2017
by Susanne Reynolds, BSC Media Coordinator

Bainbridge State College Adult Education is pleased to announce the graduation of 20 students from the GED Program. On Thursday, May 18, Bainbridge State College honored the graduates with a graduation ceremony that was held at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center.

Fifteen of the 20 students of the Adult Education GED Program walked during the ceremony.

Front, Laquila Ofton of Blakely, Sabreena Hubbard of Bainbridge, Richard Cumpian of Brinson, Rebecca Craig of Colquitt, Alexandra Stewart of Bainbridge, Cody Craft of Jakin;
Middle, Alex Goodwin of Donalsonville, Johni Reynolds of Donalsonville, Jessica Rogers of Jakin, Elizabeth Childress of Blakely;
Back, Adriane Hall of Blakely, Michaela Hernandez of Bainbridge, Eddie Lynn of Donalsonville and Darryl Brock of Bainbridge.

Nanette McIntoch, the Director of Adult Education at BSC, congratulated the graduates on a job well done.

"We at BSC Adult Education are so proud of our 2017 GED graduates," she began. "I told the students how my father always told his children and grandchildren that we needed to get "the tickets" to go anywhere in life and that now they have their diplomas, they, too, have their tickets to go further."

Bainbridge State College Interim President Dr. Stuart Rayfield, along with the keynote speaker, Pastor Lee A. Lyons of Priestly Praise Ministries, congratulated the graduates on their accomplishments and encouraged them to keep on their educational journey.

The graduate speaker was Jessica Rogers who shared her experiences in reaching her goal and what she plans to do next.

"This may not have been my first option of how I wanted to graduate high school, but this is just a stepping stone in the climb of my life and everyone else here who wanted to better themselves," she Rogers.

She went on to explain that it does not matter whether they graduated the traditional way or later in life.

"What matters is that we showed incentive and got it done," she said.

The graduate explained how she, like so many others, could not take the pressure of high school.

Rogers explained, "From the pressure of whether or not you fit in to if you can keep your grades up and keep up with the people in your class was too much for me."
Thankfully, Rogers heard about Adult Education at Bainbridge State College and its GED program. She stated that without the support of people like Nancy Trujillo, the Seminole County GED Instructor; her brother and other special people in her life, she would not have had the support she needed to succeed.

She concluded, "It may not have been easy, but it has been the best decision in my life so far. This is a great accomplishment and everyone graduating should be proud of themselves for going through with it."

Rogers plans to attend Bainbridge State College and earn her CNA Certificate, so she can pursue her long term goal of becoming a nurse.

Bainbridge State College Adult Education would like to thank the BSC Foundation, Decatur County Certified Literate Community Program, Family Connections of Decatur, Early, Seminole and Miller Counties, Grace Christian Academy student volunteers and the Rotary Club of Bainbridge.

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