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4H- 20 of 24 Places in Cloverleaf Competition
Apr 2, 2017
by Teresa Adkins, 4-H Program Assistant

Cloverleaf Project Achievement District competition in Houston County March 25th

Decatur County 4H had 29 students prepped and ready for competition and 24 actually attended. Our 4H was 2nd County with competing 4-H'ers and 3rd place County with Highest number of youth placing in Top 3. 14 1st place wins, 3 2nd place wins and 3 3rd place wins

Back Row: Georgia Wise, Rachel Hayes
3rd Row: Linda Ambrocio, Alaina Smith, Kinsey Ward, Katie Martin, Ke'Asia Porter, Vershartae Akins

2nd Row: Samantha Floyd, Kareem Baulkman, Kenyon Benton, Keenan Phillips, Charmaine Chrispen, Jamirica Brown, Ashariah Keaton, Ella Williamson
Front Row: Abram Austinson, Owen Earnest, Caroline Grubbs, Allison Oliver, Haydyn Klock, Samaria Bailey, Dani Martin, Lailae Smith

Grace Christian Academy Students
Caroline Grubbs – 1st place in Outdoor Recreation
Owen Earnest – 1st place in Forest & Wood Science
Rachel Hayes – 1st place in Sheep & Meat Goats
Ella Wiliamson – 1st place in Dairy & Milk Science

Hutto Middle School Students
Dani Martin – 1st place Poultry & Egg Science
Samantha Floyd – 1st place Between Meal Snacks
Ashariah Keaton – 2nd place Between Meal Snacks
Vershartae Akins – 3rd place Food Fare
Jamirica Brown – 1st place Food Fare
Alaina Smith – 1st place Companion Animals
Haydyn Klock – 3rd place Dog Care & Training
Kinsey Ward – 1st place Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts
Lailae Smith – 1st place Arts
Georgia Wise - Crafts
Kenyon Benton - Crafts
Katie Martin – 2nd place Interior Design
Charmaine Chrispen – 1st place Clothing & Textiles
Linda Ambrocio – 1st place Environmental Science
Allison Oliver – 2nd place 5th grade Sports
Keenan Phillips – 5th grade Sports
Kareem Baulkman - 3rd place 6th grade Sports
Ke'Asia Baulkman – 6th grade Sports
Samaria Bailey – 1st place Safety

Homeschool Student
Abram Austinson – 1st place Poultry & Egg Science

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