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2014 Decatur County Georgia Election Results
Nov 5, 2014

Elections Page

  Percentage Votes
Decatur County Solicitor-General
Ben Kirbo (Incumbent)(D) 49.61% 3013
Ryan C. Cleveland(R) 50.32% 3056
Decatur County Commissioner Dist 4
Thomas R. "Rusty" Davis(D) 54.08% 716
Joe Putnal(R) 45.92% 608
US Senate
M. Michelle Nunn(D) 45.15% 1,157,213
David A. Perdue(R) 52.94% 1,356,857
Amanda C. Swafford(L) 1.91% 48,983
Jason J. Carter(D) 44.83% 1,141,346
J. Nathan Deal(R)(Incumbent) 52.80% 1,343,958
Andrew T. Hunt (L) 2.37% 60,275
Lt Governor
Connie J. Stokes(D) 41.96% 1,059,223
L. S. "Casey" Cagle(R)(Incumbent) 58.04% 1,465,069
Sec of State
Doreen Carter(D) 42.48% 1,071,776
Brian P. Kemp(R)(Incumbent) 57.52% 1,451,138
Attorney General
Gregory K. "Greg" Hecht(D) 43.02% 1,083,936
Samuel S. Olens(R)(Incumbent) 56.98% 1,435,586
Comm of Agriculture
Christopher James Irvin(D) 41.68% 1,044,140
Gary W. Black(R)(Incumbent) 58.32% 1,460,559
Comm of Insurance
Elizabeth N. "Liz" Johnson(D) 41.65% 1,047,704
Ralph T. Hudgens(R)(Incumbent) 54.92% 1,381,310
Edward T. 'Ted' Metz (L) 3.43% 86,413
State School Super
Valarie D. Wilson(D) 44.83% 1,129,473
Richard L. Woods(R) 55.17% 1,389,702
Comm of Labor
Robbin K. Shipp(D) 43.01% 1,076,564
J. Mark Butler(R)(Incumbent) 56.99% 1,426,314
PSC-Dist 4
Daniel A. Blackman(D) 41.69% 1,045,720
Lauren W. "Bubba" McDonald(R)(Incumbent) 53.43% 1,340,013
Robin Aaron Gilmer (L) 4.87% 122,250
US Rep 2nd Dist
Sanford D. Bishop (Incumbent)(D) 59.14% 96,319
Gregory P. "Greg" Duke(R) 40.86% 66,525
State Senator, Dist 11
K Dean Burke(R)(Incumbent) Unopposed
State Rep, Dist 171
R Alfred J. "Jay" Powell Jr(R)(Incumbent) Unopposed
State Rep, Dist 173
Keith L Jenkins Sr(D) 39.18% 5,019
R Darlene K. Taylor(R)(Incumbent) 60.82% 7,792
Decatur County Commissioner Dist 1
George Anderson(D) Unopposed
Decatur County Commissioner Dist 6
William "Pete" Stephens(D) Unopposed
Constitutional Amendment #1
Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to prohibit the General Assembly from increasing the maximum state income tax rate?
YES 73.89% 1,852,192
NO 26.11% 654,553
Constitutional Amendment #2
Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow additional reckless driving penalties or fees to be added to the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund to pay for care and rehabilitative services for Georgia citizens who have survived neurotrauma with head or spinal cord injuries?
YES 69.82% 1,731,992
NO 30.18% 748,463
Statewide Referendum A
Shall property owned by the University System of Georgia and utilized by providers of college and university student housing and other facilities continue to be exempt from taxation to keep costs affordable?
YES 73.66% 1,835,135
NO 26.34% 656,204

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