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stepping stone

Stepping Stone is a residential,
transitional program,
not a treatment facility.

Bainbridge, Georgia

Stepping Stone is a transitional home in Bainbridge Georgia for recovering female addicts who have completed a drug treatment program.

stepping stone

Stepping Stone recognizes recovering addicts require longer care than a hospital or treatment facility can provide. Many recovering addicts are released from jails or substance abuse programs lacking skills and resources to succeed. Our goal is to assist with complete recovery so you develop the skills to become productive members of the community.

We work with Bainbridge agencies to facilitate ongoing recovery. However, the services provided are outside the program itself. We also provide groups and training sessions, and though intended to be helpful, they are not therapeutic in nature.

The challenges of returning to your community without getting help with your transition are as daunting as overcoming addiction.

stepping stone

Cost and Financial Arrangements
We believe that a woman should be financially responsible for fees associated with her transitional program. We are also realistic and understand that most do not have the means to pay in advance. Arrangements can be made during the initial intake interview for those who have no financial support.

We have done everything possible to make Stepping Stone affordable. There is a non-refundable $25 application fee. The fee is due before the intake interview. In addition, the weekly fee for lodging is $75, plus an additional $20 to cover some cost of food. The $95 payment is due on move-in day. Payment for each week's lodging and food is due by 6:00 p.m. each Friday and covers the following Sunday through Saturday

The standard of conduct at Stepping Stone is that people are always treated with dignity and respect.

Take advantage of the opportunities at Stepping Stone in Bainbridge. The environment fosters personal development in several areas to facilitate full recovery. You will learn to turn life's stumbling blocks into stepping stones!

The persons served by Stepping Stone shall be selected entirely on a non-discriminatory basis without regard to age, sex, race, religion, physical disability, or national origin.

A critical juncture is when an addict completes an in-patient treatment program. Most treatment programs last only two to three weeks at the most and then patients are released. This is the time of greatest risk for a person's success or failure. Recovering addicts, who are ill-equipped to deal with life back in their old surroundings, must have continuing support

For more information, contact Stepping Stone

903 S Monroe Street   Bainbridge, GA 39819   229-243-0040

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