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Some timely and valuable gardening information
is provided by the University of Georgia College
of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
and your Extension Service.

Articles from your Cooperative Extension
Plant Spacing Get Ready for Fire Ants
April Gardening Chores Newly planted shrubs still container plants
Transplanting Rules Don't Let Lawns Suffer Through Dry Spells
Aquatic Weeds Have Many Forms Do last-minute winter chores now

Garden herbs Growing herbs can be exciting, fun in garden, landscape.
Bitter cucumbers Here's how to make sure you grow great-tasting cukes.
Resistant vegetables Plant smart to stop diseases in vegetable garden.
Garden transplants You can get a head start on your favorite vegetables.
Salad garden Add some novel vegetables to your garden for your salad.
Garden pollination Cucumbers, squash, melons, many others rely on insects.
Harvest robbers Gardeners have ways to prevent vegetable diseases.
Garden insects Approaches to insect control are as varied as gardeners.
Better peaches It's a new take on and old practice called girdling.
Honeybee respect After all, they provide a third of the world's food supply.
Stable flies They look like houseflies, but they're not. These flies bite.
Houseflies Wherever people are found, houseflies are there, too.
'Angel trumpets' Not a lot is written about these gorgeous newcomers.
Easy 'trumpets' Little advice is out there, but it's easy to take cuttings.
Weedy irises Weeds can be hard to control in beds of irises.
Create yard art Old cast-off items could be quirky outdoor garden features.
Alien invaders Nonnative, invasive pest plants are everywhere in Georgia.
Poison ivy First, be sure you can recognize it when you see it.
Landscape chores Focus on the most important spring landscape chores.